Enterprise culture

Contribute to clients
The only reason of Jincheng existence is to service customers, the motivation of Jincheng development is customer demand. To provide advanced prodicts and effective service is our goal. Contribute to client is our great achievement.
Work diligently
Only working diligently can win customers’ respect and trust as there isn’t any scare resource to rely on. To creat value for customers and improve ourselves is our struggle. We insist in working diligently and get reasonable return from it.
The purpose of self-reflection is to get progress, get improve, rather than self-denial. Only self-criticism makes us to keep surpassing, respect others, cooperate with others and achieve the common development.
In order to satisfy customers better, we are positive, pioneering, innovative. It’s valuable that advanced technology is used in commerce successfully. We regard customer demand as our direction and keep innovating.
Only honest can we keep our words. Honest is the most important invisible property. We relay on honest to win customers’ trust.
Teamwork is not only a cross-culture group cooperation spirit, but also breaking down boundaries.